Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Watercolor sketch

Dockton, Maury Island, from the boat
No time to sketch today, and I only did a few gesture drawings yesterday. Instead I worked on the boat with Rifaat and James yesterday--Rifaat got the outboard fixed! James and I celebrated by sailing today.

It was a fine day to sail! We saw a pod of at least 6 Orcas at the entrance to the harbor. Although we gave them a respectful distance, we did get close enough to hear them sounding and to watch them toss salmon in the air and catch them. One Orca lept all the way out of the water so that we could see the belly!
Swinnomish Channel, a sketch done while cruising Aug 2010

It was windy! We reefed the main sail (made it smaller) and headed back into the harbor, following the salmon the Orca had chased in to where it was too shallow for the Orca to follow.

I got my sailing brain back! It had been too long, and I had all but forgotten how to sail well, so I was nervous when the wind came up, until I began to "remember" the boat. Now I long to cruise Puget Sound again! Maybe I won't sell the boat after all......

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