Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Prayer for Reverence by Chris Grahm

New Life in the Old forest
Every once in a while, one meets a friend who "gets" my deepest spiritual feelings. Chris Grahm is such a friend. Below is his version of the Lord's Prayer, so much richer than the one and only version one hears in every church.

Being Itself Prayer
Oh! Definite Indefinite Source of All,
deep and full beyond possibility of naming,
It is by Your Presence in all things
that we experience holiness.
Refresh us and our world with Your healing,
as You continuously unfold the universes from within Yourself.
Open us in each moment to the abundance You provide
of all that we need for essential well being,
And free us from clinging to past limitations,
as we help those around us to also be renewed.
Spare us from enticements that would distract from our closeness to You,
but uplift us out of absorbed ignorance and holding onto pain,
For Your Bliss powers the stars and all of life,
Your timeless Presence illuminates all that is in time.
Doubtless it is so, and immanently manifest
in this wondrous creative instant.

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