Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Sketch a Day

Lately I've been feeling scrambled. Not sure where to put my creative energy. Wanting to do some awesome water color illustrations for Peacock Princess--and knowing I am WAY out of practice. Wondering what to offer at the holiday bazaars and such.

Then there was that blood moon. I think it energized me.

Painting from nature centers me. I think I need a lot of centering; I've been painting a small water color sketch every day since, and plan to keep it up for at least all of October.

And walking helps. So first I walked the mile to one of my favorite beaches and painted the bridge my kids used to play under.

Then the neighbor's trees splashed with the golden light of evening......

The Sweet Shoot bamboo I bought by mistake. I wanted a fence up to 10' high; Phyllostachys Dulcis grows 20-40' in a GROVE for goodness sake!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Why DO I create art?

photo by Julie Shannon
About every 6 months this question re-emerges, and I try to answer it again.  WHY do I create art?
 Today I answer this way.

I hunger to create beauty, and I hunger to connect with you in that Beauty.

I love the beauty of trees emerging through the mist, the green of seaweed on the beach, the moss on ancient maples. There is magic there. I want to share that magic with you.

When I am immersed in that Beauty, I feel aligned with the Mystery of Creation.  My Joy and sense of Peace multiplies. Compassion grows. I want my every thought and word and act to express that Joy, and to nourish it in others.

 That is why I create art.

 I want to share that Joy with you.
That is why I show my art.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dahlia Square -- AM I a real artist?

This came out beautiful!

It started out as our practice piece, so that Bright and I could practice painting leaves and check dye colors. I am loving it. I think I'll frame it.

And then what? Will it sell? Do I care?

I'm in total rebellion about art as product, about producing art as business. I just can't make the two paradigms--art making and money making--fit together well.

Some people can do it. Some people can promote their work,  create blog posts and web sites that sell their art, sell out of galleries or shows. Somehow I just haven't figured it out. I just get all balled up.

Is it because I think I have to sell my art to prove I'm a real artist? Why? Some artists, Van Gough for example, sold very little during their lifetimes. I think I've outsold him already! Others, like Picasso, became millionaires!

So...why do I create art? Why do you create art?