Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dahlia Square -- AM I a real artist?

This came out beautiful!

It started out as our practice piece, so that Bright and I could practice painting leaves and check dye colors. I am loving it. I think I'll frame it.

And then what? Will it sell? Do I care?

I'm in total rebellion about art as product, about producing art as business. I just can't make the two paradigms--art making and money making--fit together well.

Some people can do it. Some people can promote their work,  create blog posts and web sites that sell their art, sell out of galleries or shows. Somehow I just haven't figured it out. I just get all balled up.

Is it because I think I have to sell my art to prove I'm a real artist? Why? Some artists, Van Gough for example, sold very little during their lifetimes. I think I've outsold him already! Others, like Picasso, became millionaires!

So...why do I create art? Why do you create art?

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