Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Suzanna Leigh, Dancing the Shaddish at 103!

Butterfly Dancer print available on etsy
Written about 1984

 Happy Birthday to Suzanna Leigh
Still Dancing the Shaddish at 103!

This amazing woman seems to grow younger every year, drawing on some infinite spring of vitality and full of more love than one would think her tiny frame could hold. 

... her fountains grace homes, offices, and public buildings all over the world. Her paintings, which so clearly express both the joy of living and a victory over and healing of pain, have been collected by many major museums and hang in healing centers and other public places.

Sailing out of old limitations into new possibilities
print available on etsy

I wrote this many years ago, as a vision for myself, about the time I finally got my BA from The Evergreen State College. I was a 30-ish single mom. 

I don't think I knew the word "installation" when I wrote this. When I revisited this vision recently, I thought, well, I guess I have to let go of some of these things, like creating healing spaces and having my art in public places.

This past week, I participated in the Edge , (an Artist Trust. program) an intense 8 days of learning the business side of art . Along with more information than I could hold (luckily there is a notebook) and many insights (I took copious notes!), I made two major break throughs:

  • Not only is there still time to do the healing installations I want to do--I now have an understanding and some tools to do it! And lots of encouragement from classmates familiar with my work.
  • It is OK--good even!-- to tell people I want my work to be a doorway into the divine.

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