Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Over the Edge and into........

Relaxing during a class break (Virginia Wilcox in the background)

I saw 6 deer from my window!
I'm back from the Edge Program and deep into follow-ups. Already I have some work lined up to show at the Seattle Design Center, and I'm working on my portfolio to send to the Seattle Art Museum Rental Gallery--and today I was invited to show some miniatures at the Blue Heron Gallery in December!

Yes to life! Yes! Yes! Yes!

 My class mates were amazing! Every time I started to doubt myself, I looked around at all these wonderful artists and thought, "Hey, if Artist Trust thinks I belong with these artists, I must be OK!"

Do you remember seeing or hearing about the tree socks at Occidental Square or at Madison Park in Seattle? Their creator, Suzanne Tidwell was one of my classmates!

Do you remember seeing articles in the NY Times and in Time Magazine about Jennifer Loomis's photographs of the pregnant female body? Jenni was in my class!

And what about beautiful Vogue fashions made from....trash!? Their creator, Rebbecca Maxim, was in my class too!

And Philip Donahue, who did light shows for Jefferson Airplane in the late 60's is doing paintings inspired by that!

And that's just the beginning!


  1. Great photo Suzanne! The deer look so peaceful.

  2. Fabulous job on this site Suzanna. Can't wait to see you at the Seattle Design Center Show.