Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Business Landscape--Identifying my "Target Market"

I've never been able to figure out my target market, not really. How do I know who will like my work? It's not like a service with a specific clientel, a specific problem to solve--unless I kind of make one up.

Well, I showed Jane Valencia my ring binder all set up for my Right Brain Business Plan. She inspired me to start each section with a prayer, a prayer of thanks. So when I started the section of my business plan Jennifer Lee calls "Business Landscape" (aka "Competition"), I listed all the things I am thankful for, things like my education, travel, friends and family, home, interesting people, sailing.

And I realized that all these things, which are resources I draw from to create, are connection points, ways I can connect with people who might buy my work. In art, particularly, people buy from people they feel a connection with. Knowing the connection points helps me to figure out what they might like, as well as how to reach them!

Reading Jessica Brogan's blog post reminded me to be thankful for the not so fun things as well--the years of being a single mom, getting busted for my life partner's marijuana,  seeing my beloved die of lung cancer. All these experiences have made me wiser, less judgemental,  and given me more places of connection with people.

Connecting with people not only fuels my creativity and feeds my business; it makes me happy!

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