Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Right Brained Business Plan: Action Plans

Magazines and books--I always start at the back. So of course I started filling in my Right Brained Business Plan at the back, with an Action Plan. Well, once I got the core in place, the Values, Vision, and Mission.

First plan: "Tramp Harbor" installation at a public place such as the Seattle Convention Center.

I used Kelly Rae's technique for planning, from her ecourse Flying Lessons.

1. Start with seeing the project completed. What will it look like, sound like, etc.

It looks like this: there are 14 panels of silk hanging from a 12 foot ceiling. The panels are 6'-10' long, painted with dyes.
 They sway gently as people walk through them and with the ambient movement of air. They depict a beach scene, with many birds, sunlight through clouds, seaweed and sand.

Here's what people are saying: "Mary, come look at this!" "OOOH, I just want to wrap myself in that one and go to the opera." "Look how the birds seem to fly as the silk moves!" "Remember when we were children playing on the beach?" "I fish from the beach sometimes. It is SO peaceful!" "We need to keep our beaches and waters clean so that our children and grandchildren can do that."

2. What did I do just before this scene?

Well, I hung the silks. What did I need in order to do that? How did I prepare the silks for hanging?
What materials did I need, and how long did it take? I figured all this out.

3. Before that?

Painted the silks and steamed them. What did I need for materials for that? How long did that take?

And so I went through the process backwards through finding the place to hang them, writing a grant to get the funds, FINDING the grants to apply for, etc.

Now I know what it will take to do this, how long it will take, what materials I will need, how much it will cost. Now I know I can do this, when I am ready.

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