Monday, October 29, 2012

The Storm Inside

Today feels like a lost day. Tropical Storm/Hurricane/cyclone Sandy is battering the East Coast, and a part of me is hunkered down with the millions of people without power being battered by the wind and water. Here it is only raining, for the 8th straight day, and the storm inside me is not life threatening. It just feels that way.

It's because I am starting something new. It has to do with my soul/business mission which emerged during Kelly Rae's ecourse "Hello Soul, Hello Business".

It seemed so easy at the time: celebrate the good that ordinary people are doing by featuring them on my blog, wearing one of my scarves. I tell their story and link to their online presence and to my etsy shop where my scarves are for sale. Win-win, right? And lots of fun to do.

So why am I so scared all of a sudden? On the way to do my first photo shoot, I almost backed out. My first model is a good friend and someone I admire for her commitment to making a life centered on love and spirit, some one with a story worth telling--and suddenly I have writer's block. I am battered with doubts and fears and don't know how to proceed.

Well, when in doubt, ride it out. Things will come clear soon enough. As Tama Kieves tells us:

"Don’t EVER give up on your gift dear one. There’s a reason you have the dream you have. It’s a bright commandment, a certified treasure map, the ticket to the rest of your life. "

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