Friday, October 26, 2012

Making a Dream Come True

I bought a boat. It's a Catalina 27, a 27' sailboat that fits me! It's a dream come true--and a huge learning experience.
So here I am, a single woman in my 60's, an artist living on social security trying to make a business of my art--and I have the gall to buy a sailboat!? Hey, making art and developing a business are full time activities in themselves, and now I have a boat?! Who do I think I am?? AND I plan to go to Thailand in February?

It's all about who I want to be in the world and what I want to do with my life and with my art. The bottom line is, I want to share with everyone I meet the Joy of living. I want to open my heart to the Divine Awareness and to every person I come in contact with, listening for opportunities to express the Joy, the Love, the Compassion that have been given to me. And I want boating to be a part of that vision.

son Jeremy and River

When I was in Port Townsend (the best boating town I know) this summer for the Edge Program for Visual Artists, I got back in touch with my love for sailing and for cruising. It was time for me to get a boat. When this little Catalina 27 came available for $3000, I jumped on it. I tell you, I could TASTE how much I wanted this boat. I borrowed $ from my son (It is nice to have hardworking good earning sons!) and put money down on it within 15 minutes of checking it out.
grand daughter River on the boat

And it has opened up my life! The joy of sailing and working on the boat with my sons is--dare I say it?--even greater than sailing with my soul mate was when he was living. The friendships I have made and renewed are already accumulating. What I need for the boat comes easily; the right person to help and advise just shows up when I need them most!

And I am learning to do new things, like make the right mixture of gas and oil for the outboard motor (Ugh! I hate...I mean, I am not comfortable with small engines). Fixing the leaks now that the rain has come. Figuring out how to put in reefing lines (to make the sail smaller when the wind is stronger).

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