Saturday, October 3, 2015

At the Vashon Tea Shop--balancing colors

At the Vashon Tea Shop
Getting the colors right in the scan was a challenge! In fact, I never did quite figure it out. The original scan was too dark, but in trying to adjust it, the greens got much brighter than in the original.

What did I learn from this painting?
  •  I like balancing colors; if I put a little red in one place, I put another dot of red somewhere else. 
  • Things are rarely or never all one color; reflected lights put colors where one might never expect them.
  • The painting is more interesting when things--the ladies' shirts for example--are not all one flat color.

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  1. I love your Art-a-day series. Inspiring! And thanks for posting about your thought process too. I love windows into an artist's mind :-).