Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Burton Boatyard

Boatyard in Burton
I like the leaves on the ground leading the eye to the sailboat and balancing the autumn leaves on the tree. However, this is a little confusing; which way is the light coming from, anyway? The boat in the foreground has the light hitting the hull from one direction and the cabin from another!  The sailboat seems to be entirely in shadow.

It's as confusing as our planned sail to the South Sound. We planned to go, but light/insight from another direction seemed to advise we don't go. Then circumstances changed and it looked like we could go, so we headed to the boat for a trial run and sail this evening.

The outboard started up fine. Then died and would not start again. So we don't go. I don't want to shoot the narrows without a reliable motor.

Oh well, life is like that sometimes. I'll fix the light on the boats tomorrow. I wish the outboard was as easy to fix.

Boatyard in Burton
 -------Oct 8
 Is this any better?

 PS I think we figured out the outboard problem; water   getting into the fuel through a drip right onto the gas tank opening with a faulty gasket that could not keep the water out. Water in the gas is never a good thing.

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