Saturday, October 3, 2015

Painting a living plant

Drawing attempt #3, Painting attempt #1
Yesterday it took me four attempts to draw this right. I inked and painted two of the drawings today.

Drawing attempt #4, Painting attempt ;#2
Each painting is teaching me something new, or at least reminding me of something I used to know about painting. Today's lessons:

  • Living plants change from minute to minute, and even more from day to day. Their leaves change position to adjust to changing light. Today there even seemed to be more leaves! So I had to guess as I painted.
  • Light and shadow change rather quickly as I am painting.
  • Sometimes I am too lazy to paint every single leaf! 
I like both attempts. The first one seems freer, while the second may be more accurate. That's a lesson right there: more accurate may not be more interesting.


  1. Accuracy vs spontaneity - ain't it the truth! The chi comes through better when we're not thinking about getting it 'right!' Enjoying your sketch-a-day project.

  2. Sometimes I don't like the sketch right after I finish it, but it looks better the next day!