Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sailing for Soul

thumbnail sketch for "Sailing by Dockton"
Sailing was really good for me. I've been down lately, since learning some things about what refugees are going through--not only those from Syria, but also those from Central America trying to find asylum in the US. After sailing I felt alive again!

I've been feeling scattered about my art. Making things to sell at the markets I've committed to just didn't have meaning for me. Usually one watercolor sketch is enough to pull me out of a down period and get me focused again. Not so this time.

finished "Sailing by Dockton"
My mastermind meeting with Jane Valencia found me still feeling scattered. Some how, though, telling Jane about seeing the Orcas and about my concerns for the refugees, helped me to gather my scattered wits and to begin to see a way forward, to see what I might do to contribute to a better future.

I believe I can
* raise money to contribute to organizations working with current refugees
*gain skills to work with future refugees coming here, to Seattle, perhaps by volunteering with an organization such as the International Rescue Committee
*work toward building a stronger community here with resources and mindset to help people coming  from war-torn and violence torn countries.

So, what does all this have to do with sailing?
Sailing gives me the energy to move forward. It renews my soul.

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