Monday, October 12, 2015

Driftwood watercolor sketch on 60 lb drawing paper

I have lots to say about this sketch! This particular piece of driftwood carries some wonderful memories of playing with children. It was our pirate ship, our castle! Three year olds practiced their climbing skills on it, and 5 year olds perched at the highest point commanding their crew.

One of the sail boats in the back ground could be Sea Change, the 32' Pearson Vangard I sailed with my husband Bob. One night we anchored just about where the black boat is. In the morning we woke to the welcome of at least a dozen swallows chirping, perched on the boom, looking into our windows!

I'm using a different sketch book, a wire bound with 60 lb all purpose drawing paper. It doesn't have the texture of my other paper, but it handles the water color surprisingly well.

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