Sunday, October 25, 2015

To Revitilize; Dance with the Wind

Boat is back in the water! We hauled out Wednesday afternoon.

James scraped the bottom and took out the non-working knot meter, then headed to Tacoma to see if he could find a transponder (part of the depth sounder that goes through the hull) to fit the hole in the hull. Rifaat fixed some issues with the outboard and took off the old sloppily painted name with acetone so that we can put her name on neatly.  I went over the hull with oxylic acid to get rid of the yellowing and with acetone to get rid of blue marks from old fenders and black marks from who knows what. Oh, and I painted her hull. She looks good!

Of course once she was in the water, we had to try her out, make sure the new transponder Tim put in didn't leak.  We had a fantastic sail!! and yes, the transponder did leak. We sailed back in time to haul out again, get the leak fixed, and get back in the water-- before the tide fell too far and there was no water under the lift.

Still, it was one of the best sails ever, and I do remember how much I love Sailing! There's something about dancing with a good wind that really revitalizes one! Best part: Rifaat and James really stepped in and made the haul out a team effort. I guess I won't sell the boat after all!

Now I can focus on art.

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