Sunday, October 18, 2015

Got hit by a cold yesterday and still feeling foggy. I did manage an ink sketch yesterday, but had a hard time with it.
I sketched it first with a fine point drawing pen. Couldn't seem to get the leaves in the right place. tried again with a brush tip pen on top of the first sketch.

It does kind of reflect the way I felt yesterday; kind of brain fogged and colorless.

I've been working through some grief as well. Learning about what so many people in the middle east and in Central America are going through -- it breaks my heart! Wondering what I can do about it. Where can I volunteer my services?

Checked into International Rescue Committee. They have a volunteer orientation in Nov I might go to. IRC does work locally to help refugees resettle in this country.

Wondering, how can I keep up with boat maintenance, taking care of my 91 yr old mother, stay focused on my art,
AND volunteer? Will I have to give up the boat?

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