Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Strong Female Protagonists in My Life

Marj dancing with a young man
Nina is 100 years old today--and still dancing! Her younger friend, Marj, who is only 91, is dancing
as well. I tell you, these women are my kind of Strong Female Protagonists! Nina lives with her son in her own home. Marj also lives in her own home. She writes bi-weekly articles on cooking and nutrition for the local paper and is in charge of putting together a book on the history of her church.

These are my role models! Not to mention 95 year old Dorothy, who writes books introducing people in the community and has instigated a "take a senior to lunch" program with the Hardware Store Restaurant.

Nina's party was one of those wonderful community building events. I saw people I have not seen in years, and many good friends from my current lifestyle. There were people of all ages, music good to listen to that did not drown out conversation. People brought good food; fruit and salads from their gardens, their favorite main dishes, tasty desserts.

As we face changes in our world, let's cherish events like this!

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