Friday, June 18, 2010

Writing for Life

Writing for Life

I am taking a writing class from Alice Orr, learning to find my voice and to tell my emotional truth. Alice challenges us to dig deep, to find the drama, to tell the stories with the most emotional wallop for us. I’ve been blown away by her colorful and effective use of anecdotes and metaphor to get a point across. When she said that writing about our stories is not like taking a photograph, but more like painting a scene or a memory of a scene, I suddenly saw both my writing and my art in a new light. I need to include and emphasize the details that tell the story, set the mood, create the drama; I need to leave out the details that distract my reader or audience. In story writing and in art you are creating a dream people can live in for awhile, and you don’t want to include anything that will wake them from that dream.

quote for today:

An artist's most intimate sensitivity is where the juice is. Sometimes it is as scary as hell.---- Roderick W. MacIver, Heron Dance newsletter

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