Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogging is story writing

I had the most wonderful conversation with Alice Orr last week. Alice is a teacher through and through, and she has a way of putting things that really help me to understand. She is an accomplished writer, who has also been an editor, an agent, and even a gallery owner. She is a speaker and workshop presenter. about a year ago she was derailed by a bout with cancer, and is now rebuilding her career—and voila! Everything has changed! We are both building our business with the tools of this new generation and learning how to use social media.
Alice and I go to different social media and marketing gurus and then compare notes. I’ve been taking Kelly’Rae’s eclass, Flying Lessons, and Alice has been talking to Charlene Kingston. Both Kelly and Charlene emphasize the importance of blogging in creating an online presence, and Alice adds her writing expertise to the focus. From these wonderful teachers, I have learned this about blogging:
Blogging is not journaling; it is story telling. You are telling the story, building the persona, creating the dream/ reality that your audience will relate to.
Always give something to your readers, whether it is an insight or a recipe, something they can take away.
Know your focus; don’t give your readers any details that distract from your message.

As soon as I got home, of course I rewrote my blog post and made sure I had some silk paintings showing more often.

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  1. This definition of blogging as telling a story is very interesting. Maybe I am doing this: not for my readers, but for myself, building a new version of "me" to relate to. OK, it's complicated. Anyway, I like your painting with the butterflies. I am looking forward to feeling (again) like that.