Thursday, June 10, 2010

The impossible garden step 2

OK, OK, all you REAL gardeners out there, I know this is all a piece of cake for you, but for a brown thumb like me?! It's an impossible garden. But as my dad used to say, the difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.
I've committed to myself and to you that I will do at least one small thing every day, or almost every day. Yesterday I dug 8 post holes for a deer fence. today I covered some grass with newspaper and mulch, hoping to prepare a little more garden space for this fall or next spring. My goal for the vegetable garden is to have greens throughout the year and maybe beets and carrots that winter over, and to have 5 or 6 beds so that I can give one bed a year off every year. Here in the Pacific Northwest, working in the garden means dashing out between rain showers and occasional thunderstorms and working madly for about 20 minutes--which is about right for me. The child sized shovel is about my speed too.

quote for the day:

Your garden will reveal yourself.
- Henry Mitchell

(myself becoming?)

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