Saturday, June 5, 2010

Doing the thing I cannot do: create a lovely landscape out of this mess

Kelly Rae in her class "Flying Lessons" suggests doing the thing you think you cannot do. It builds character.

So I made a list of things I cannot do:

fly to the moon
sail around the world in a small boat
run a marathon
create a really beautiful and welcoming landscape in my backyard AND maintain it

Well, I really have no desire to fly to the moon or to run a marathon. People do run marathons, and they seem to enjoy it, but for me, that seems like as much fun as getting all my teeth pulled without anesthetic. Someday maybe I will sail around the world, but right now I have a lot of other things I want to do. That leaves the landscaping.

I really do want a beautiful back yard, yet getting out to even pull a few weeds in my tiny garden just doesn't happen.My grass is knee high now, and by the end of this month, I'll have to keep a close eye on my two year old grand daughter so that she doesn't get lost in it! I envy people with green thumbs; mine is brown. Things die under my care. Creating the landscape I envision is a real challenge.
So that's my committment: create a beautifully landscaped back yard.

quote for today:

It is only when you start a garden - probably after age fifty - 
that you realize something important happens every day.

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  1. Suzanna, I do understand! i have hacked out jungles and created gardens of my dreams for years! Nothing has done as much for my art as sweat and dirt under my fingernails. dreaming of one's garden is a very sweet dream...
    happy trails! Rhonda F.
    p.s. thanks for your very kind "frequent flyer" appreciated