Monday, June 7, 2010

Art42 party

Here is the crew who created ART42: Sandra Wallace, graphic designer; Atom Powers, site designer (did all the tech work in creating the site); Danial Powers, who I think is the driving force; and Jeremy Wallace, staunch supporter and husband to Sandra.

It's amazing what these folks have done in a year! Art42 started from ground zero, with only Faith Marie (Sandy Wallace) and Empress Dragon (Danial Powers) as members, and built a community of 849 artists from all over the world creating and sharing tiny works of art--in just a year!.

The largest piece shown at the celebration Saturday night was 6" square. The smallest art, 1" square, was arranged in tiny "quilts" of 9 squares. The most common size was ATC's ( artist trading cards), only a little bigger than a business card.


  1. oooh I am interested in this:) Let me know how I can join:)

  2. Just click on the link in my post, then click on the sign up button on the Art42 page. See you there!