Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flying Lessons and next steps

I've begun KellyRaeRoberts ecourse, Flying Lessons, on how to thrive with a creative business. Wisely, she started with a post on commitment and goal setting, then on on handling fear. It is definitely fear that gets in MY way! I have all these wonderful ideas--that go nowhere. I get all fired up about a course of action, start to make it happen--and get distracted or blocked. I even put out money to hire a personal coach! Sandra Jones helped me stay the course to complete and show my first series of silk paintings, to fill the space for opening night and for my photo presentation, and even to get my first ever really good commission! Thank you Sandy!! But then I fell down again. The creative road has more pitfalls and traps than a video game.

Sandy invited me to a Landmark Forum presentation. It helped something break loose! I started cleaning up my studio enough to work in again, and to begin the application process to be on the Washington State Arts Commission roster as a teaching artist, something I've been putting off for a year. I think I'm back on the road to creative success!


  1. Sounds like you've made an amazing start to your journey. Your goals are impressive. And you can soooo do it!!! ;)

  2. Yeah to being back on track! I love your illustrations and silk paintings - and look forward to reading about your progress as we start this journey together:)

  3. Thanks for visiting my site. You are so right - there are so many pitfalls. I have not exactly found that the more I put out, the more comes back. Hopefully we will learn something new from Kelly Rae. This summer I am hoping to scope out possible Seattle venues for my art - have not done that. Love your art - keep going!