Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Teaching Artist

After a year of feeling cowed by the application process to (this is a mouthful) get on the Washington State Arts Commission Roster for Teaching Artists, I've finally completed the application!

3:30 pm yesterday I picked up the printer ink (can you believe every ink color cartridge was kaput?) and I'm ready to print out the application. AARRGG!! My printer suddenly stopped working!! What happened to the Gods taking a step toward me? They aren't supposed to BLOCK me!!

3:45 figured out the printer problem
4:30 mailed the applications a whole 24 hours before the deadline! I think that's a first for me!

Quote for the day:
Joseph Campbell
I have found that you do have only to take that one step toward the gods and they will then take ten steps toward you. That step, the heroic first step of the journey, is out of, or over the edge of, your boundaries, and it often must be taken before you know that you will be supported.


  1. Hi Suzanna. I got here via Flying Lessons. I love that Joseph Campbell quote, thank you for sharing it.

  2. I love the quote too. Those gods will have to take so many steps toward us flyers, now!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you do tai chi, too? I used to, but I have not been practicing for a year. Tai chi has always helped me to get through stressful times, but the earthquake, the problems with my husband and my father's illness were a bit too much for me. Slowly, slowly, I hope to start again as soon as possible.