Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Symbols of Love

I so enjoyed doing the silk painting on commission! I loved getting to know my client, what she enjoyed most about my work and what she wanted in this piece. I loved visiting with her, noticing what images speak to her, what colors she likes, hearing what values were important to her. I loved finding images that resonated with her asthetic and values and creating a composition using images and colors she enjoys.

This is the drawing for the silk painting I did for her. She wanted something to help her focus on the kind of love she wants in her life, the relationship with partner/companion/mate she wants to create. To symbolize the partnership, I put in lots of twos; two people in the bridge, two lotus in the background, two peonies "looking" at each other, two cranes. Peonies are her favorite flower and symbolize abundance, wealth, beauty. Cranes are for longetivity, for wisdom, for carrying people to higher levels of spirituality . The dance of cranes is a dance of love and joy. In China, white lotus represent purity, integrety. The purple flowering Empress Tree purifies the air and the earth with its leaves and with its roots, just as I have seen a loving relationship purify the surrounding emotional atmosphere.

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