Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Fairie House?

There's a strip between the struggling fig tree and the little lilac bush, where I once had raspberries. My brother planted his beloved cat there when it died a few years ago, and piled a cairn of bricks on the spot to keep the dogs from digging it up. I decided to reclaim the area and plant something there. Today I went after the thigh high grass with a weed eater, and bought a rake to rake away the resulting hay. My plan was to restack the cairn and then cover the whole area with newspaper, compost, and mulch so that I can plant next year.

But oh! there between the bricks! isn't that the door to a fairy house? OK maybe a mouse or a snake lives there. at any rate, I can't bear to destroy someone's home. I can just imagine the terror the inhabitants must have felt when the weed eater roared over their home, removing the grass that hid it from predators (such as my cat).

I decided to leave that spot as a "wild place". I can still reclaim a strip about 15 inches by 15 feet to plant something in next year.


  1. i love fairy houses! i used to build them in the backyard and dream about who would come to live in each one.

  2. thanks so much for stoping by my blog, ive just posted a dyeing tutorial if this helps.... the purples came from tannin xx