Friday, June 25, 2010

The impossible garden--synergy

We got the raspberries planted! My friend Donna is staying with me while she gets her life together in exchange for 1-2 hours a day working with me on the garden. It took us two days to dig up the sod, sort out all the grass and grass roots, and put the raspberry plants in the watered holes. How long would it have taken me by myself? probably about a week. And it is so much fun working together, chatting about this and that. I can work so much harder and longer when I am working with someone: synergy.

Today we went to the beach and found 9 driftwood sticks about our height or a little taller, and brought them home to hold up some bird netting we hope will keep the deer from eating our plants. The other day, I went down to the beach by myself with the same idea, and came back empty handed; today it took us just a few minutes to gather what we needed. There's something about telling someone else exactly what have in mind so that they can help, that helps ME to be clear about what I need: synergy.

quote for today:
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."--Helen Kelleer

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