Friday, November 13, 2015

Watercolors: Two for One

tree by U.S. Bank
No one home at the flower shop. I guess she forgot we had made arrangements for me to do a watercolor sketch there this morning. But...

 Wow! It's almost mid November and there are still colors on the trees. The colors on the tree by the bank are amazing! I can sit in the car and paint!

Hmm, paint is taking awhile to dry enough for the next step.  What can I do while waiting? Well...the same tree is reflected in the Flower Shop window across the street, and I happen to have two sketch books with me, so.....

I worked on one painting while the other one dried. Working back and forth like this I was able to capture some of the most vibrant colors and paint in the lighter areas around them.

After an hour, I'm only this far along. So much for ten minute paintings in watercolor!

The photos will help me finish these at home.

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