Friday, November 6, 2015

Tea Shop Rose

Oh, man! I forgot my watercolors! Here I am at the tea shop, hoping to get a really nice little
Derwent watercolor pencils and ball point pen
watercolor sketch to replace the one I painted orca whales on the back of, and I left my palate and paints at home!

But wait! I'm prepared for that emergency! I have my brushes and, in my purse, I have a set of watercolor pencils. Boo, the tea shop owner, kindly gets me a cup of water, and here I go....

Boo likes the result. It really makes a difference when I balance colors, putting a little of the rose's red and yellow in other parts of the painting, adding blue reflections on the table.

Boo liked the result, and that gave me courage to ask the flower shop next door if I can do a painting there. Cara said yes! I'm on for next Wednesday, before the shop opens.

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