Friday, November 27, 2015

Preparing the Sketch for Color-Pencil or Pen?

Pencil sketch; ink lines determine the composition
Sometimes I use pencil, sometimes I use a black drawing pen. They give a different effect, but honestly, I don't make this decision consciously. Currently I like to start with a pencil drawing.

Do think about composition. You are in charge; you can move things around, leave them out, put in something that pleases you. Think about how your eye will travel over the page. What draws your eye first? Where will the lines in the composition lead your eye?

 Sometimes if I start with a drawing pen and try to add color before the ink has properly dried--and the ink runs! Not what I wanted, but, well, I rather like this effect! (Remember, it's all an experiment!)

Here are some different effects:
Oops! The ink ran! Oh well....
Second try, done first in pencil, then watercolor, then pen.
Lightly sketched in ink, then watercolor pencil

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