Monday, November 9, 2015

Daily Color

Pink Flower Scarf (instead of drawing)

Friday I painted a scarf and took notes instead of drawing.

Wendy and I went to an orientation for the International Rescue Committee. We sat in a crowded room of about 25-30 people to learn about how refugees come into the U.S. and what kind of programs the IRC has to help them get resettled. I took notes.

It was good information, whether or not I end up volunteering with that organization. I learned that people classified as refugees are carefully screened (both a security screening and a medical screening). Once here, they get limited financial support with an emphasis on getting them into jobs and financially independent as quickly as possible. There is a lot involved in getting people resettled! 

My sketch a day commitment is morphing into a commitment to create color daily, while exploring ways to help people affected by climate change and the resulting violence. I see huge changes coming as the world warms up and people flee to more livable places--like here--and I want to meet those changes with compassion rather than with fear.

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