Monday, November 23, 2015

Still in a Daze from HollyDaze

I'm still a little dazed. I had a booth at the local holiday bazaar, HollyDaze, on Saturday. Some of the watercolor sketches I did this fall were good enough to put on cards. I had some scarves and of course my books.

At the last minute, I decided to donate all my profits to Doctors without Boarders, and put up a little sign at my booth.

I loved telling my stories, particularly my version of Medea and the Dragon. One of my cards shows Media "dancing the dragon". She put it to sleep by dancing and singing, and putting magic potion in his eyes. I'll tell you the story some time.

The best sellers were the dragon cards (not shown) and the Peacock Princess coloring book.

After figuring my costs, I am able to donate $100 to Doctors without Borders!

Next time: materials you will need--and some you may want--to play with watercolor sketching.

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