Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A little Ink Sketch at the Tea Shop

Vashon Tea Shop draws me back again and again. I like the quiet, and the beauty of the place.

I want to do watercolor sketches of all
sketch with ball point pen
the places people hang out on Vashon, so I wandered into the coffee shop, Cafe Luna, thinking I would sketch there. Too crowded and noisy, so here I am back at the tea shop.

Today the few people here want quiet too. They are planning, writing, thinking. I take out ...Oh no! forgot my watercolor paints and palate again! Luckily I do have a ball point pen and sketch book.

Drawing more detail and contrast near the person writing focuses attention on her, and the darks on the big teapot--yes, it really is that big!--create a balanced composition.

About her nose....no, she didn't wiggle it. She turned her head as I was drawing it.

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