Tuesday, November 3, 2015

But I Don't WANT to Draw!--Keeping the discipline

UG! Oh well, I learned something!
What do you do when you don't want to draw what you see? It's ugly, the people are moving too fast, you just aren't in the mood, or nothing comes out right?

 Maybe you are on the bus on your way home from work and don't have much time. The bus is moving too fast to draw the scenery and the people are...boring.

Or you are housebound and the house is yelling at you to clean it, and who wants to draw a cluttered house anyway? but you know that if you start cleaning, you'll NEVER pick up the sketchbook.You feel depressed.

This pleases me
So...you doodle. And lo! You have made something of beauty. Perhaps  a nicely balanced design appears on the paper, or an image from your subconscious leaps onto the page to tell you something. You feel like, Yes! I have created something that pleases me--or at the very least, I have given my hands and eyes practice working together.

The house will get dirty again, the bus ride will be over; but this, THIS, will still be here on this page. 

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