Friday, November 20, 2015

Sketching for Peace

The setting sun splashed gold on the rocky shore.
The Buddhists say peace starts within. If you want peace in the world, start with yourself.

And it's true! Have you ever had someone smile at you, and suddenly your own mood lifted? Research has shown that our emotions effect other people. Our emotions are contagious and people across the room are affected by it. Some research has shown that when we are happy or sad, people we are closely connected to are affected even miles away.

We CAN create a more peaceful world by creating peace within ourselves.

Yeah, right! How do we do THAT?

For me, sketching is a way to peace.  Something about putting color on paper to record the colors of nature, brings that beauty into my soul.

It is a peace that goes deeper than the winds and currents of daily life.

I want that peace for you.

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