Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding at my House

My house is filled with flowers, laughter, and love. There was a wedding at my house on July 25th. It takes me a while to process these things, or I would have told you about it sooner.

The wedding took place only a week after Strawberry Festival. As of Wednesday before the wedding, I was still exhausted. The house was still cluttered with preparations for the festival, the yard had been neglected for a month--and I needed to spend Thursday taking my dad to the doctor in Tacoma.

I sent out a call for help and people responded handsomely! Within two days the house sparkled and the yard was usable again.

It was a Quaker style wedding. It took place in the context of a meeting for worship. In Quaker tradition, it is not the Meeting, a minister, or a ceremony that marries a couple. Only God can do that. Our role is only to witness this marriage, and to support the union.

The tenderness and love the couple showed for each other was incredibly touching. My house feels profoundly blessed by their love for each other and by the love we have for them.

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