Friday, July 30, 2010

Next Step; White Crane Spreads Her Wings

White Crane Spreads its Wings is the name of a Tai Chi move, and I'm getting ready to spread my wings.

I have a show coming up at the Community Care Center (assisted living and nursing home) in September and October. It's not a glamorous setting and not a lot of people go there, but it gives the people who live, work, and visit there a lot of joy.

How can I make the most of this opportunity?
I plan to show my silk Paintings and my previous work, my water color paintings and mono prints. New work and old work.

I can build recognition by teaching a class at the community art center. I've scheduled a silk painting class for September, which will be advertised in the newsletter.This goes out to most of the community and is available at the grocery store.

In addition, Wendy at the art center (The Blue Heron) said she might do an article on me for their newsletter.

With two events happening the same month, I bet the local paper would publish an article on my work as well.

Perhaps I can use some of this publicity to guide people to my etsy shop. I plan to have a grand opening the month of September.

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