Friday, July 23, 2010

Strawberry Festival-2: Saturday's learnings.

Here is our booth. The woman with the white hair is my magical mother.

My favorite sale of the day was to a young man of 5, who wandered by our booth late in the day. I showed him the silk painting of Boachu and the Golden Phoenix and the card with the story on the back. He loved it and asked his mother to buy it for him. I like the thought that this story has become part of this boy's interior landscape.

Saturday I learned not to depend on festival food or weather reports. By the time I got back from the parade at noon, my mom was nearly as blue as her coat. I sent her to walk around to warm up. By afternoon we took off all our extra layers and even shoes, and invited potential customers to come into the sparse shade of our booth to escape the sun.

The festival food was a disappointment. We didn't get around to eating until late in the day, and the vender was out of nearly everything; my "stir-fried vegetables" turned out to be a plate of noodles with a tablespoon of cooked cabbage.
*Dress in layers; a day can start out cold and turn out hot.
*Bring water and a thermos of hot tea. We could have used two thermoses of hot tea, as I ended up walking half a mile for a good cuppa.
*Bring light but nourishing food; our adrenaline was high, making heavy food indigestable, but we needed protien to keep us going.

more learnings next time.


  1. oh how sweet of you mum! Sorry to hear abot food etc but hey, it's a learning curve. I take your advice for my future event! (Especially for the weather! Here in the UK it goes likely opposite!) xm

  2. Wow ... thanks for shareN all that you have learned and your booth inventory is the bomb!

  3. Bless your Mother LOL....I'm glad you met so many fans, that makes it worth it right? Beautiful work and I especially like the "friends" wearing scarves!! In case you fly by: Fan/Biz Page:

  4. How beautiful Suzanna! I've been wanting to do one of these outdoor fairs but I need to create a lot more art first. Good for you. Another step on the path. And I LOVE that your mother was there! xoxo Valerie