Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Selling at the Festival

Being part mystic and part artist used to make the whole idea of selling very difficult for me. Being an Introvert didn't help. But I'm changing. As I open more fully to Spirit, I also open more fully to people, and my ideas about art and selling are changing.

I'm beginning to see art and even selling art as part of my spiritual journey. It's all about relationship, reaching out to people, sharing what light I have been given and rejoicing in the light in others. The art I create is not just a commodity to sell, but a key to interaction which may or may not result in a sale. What is important is the interaction.

At least, that is I how I choose to approach my booth at the Strawberry Festival on Vashon, July 17th and 18th. I will have lots of beautiful silk scarves to delight passers by, and cards with lots of beautiful and interesting images. I hope to have lots of wonderful conversations and that people will be delighted enough by what I have to offer that they will want to take some home in exchange for some blessed lucre.

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