Friday, July 16, 2010

Healing Grief, Sharing the Grace We Have Been Given

Today I was feeling such grief for the destruction of the earth and for the people being destroyed by our oil hungry lifestyle and by our dependence on military solutions to problems! What right have I to the joy of creating art, using yet more resources, when the earth is in such pain?

Then my Tai Chi teacher, Joan Hanna, did a wonderful opening and closing to class. She opened by centering us in the peaceful place inside, in relaxed awareness. She closed by having us breathe in all the pain and anguish of the world, and then breathe out beauty, compassion, and all the healing grace we have been given.

I still feel raw and vulnerable, so I came home to create art, to create the beauty that can transform grief into healing. We need beauty to help us transcend the hurt.

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