Monday, August 23, 2010

Home from the Sea

water color sketch of Swinomish Slough, SE of Anacortes WA

Five days of mostly sailing in the Puget Sound area--wonderful winds, some new skills acquired. My favorite sailing is close hauled (sailing close to the direction the wind is coming from), with one reef in the main sail (makes it smaller), and windwaves of 1-3 feet. And no bothersome sun! Too much sun hurts my eyes.

I caught a crab for dinner--with my bare hands! My son James, who crews for me, was rowing us ashore over a shallow sandy bottom, when he spotted a crab--and the chase was on! The crab was fast, but James  was faster, and I was able to grab it and throw it into the boat. It was a male, and legal size. We had him for dinner. Yum!

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  1. i am jealous- that would be a great spot to be right now-- and much cooler than where i am!!