Saturday, August 28, 2010

watercolor technique: dry brush or wet on wet?

dry brush
wet on wet

Still have lots to do to get the show ready, but couldn't resist just enjoying this fine sunny day!

I gave myself permission to paint at the beach this afternoon. I did these two watercolors, one starting with a dry brush technique, and one starting wet on wet. One was small enoufh to scan in, so the colors came out ok, but the other, the wet on wet, I photographed. Even with photoshop, I couldn’t get the blue out. Hm. This encourages one to  work small enough to scan the piece, especially if there's much white in it.


  1. love that you showed the difference b/w painting with the dry vs. wet brush for people like me that know very little about painting! what a difference that makes, and both our pretty but i'm sure everyone prefers one or the other just depending on the style you prefer.

  2. The wet on wet looks like the leaves have auras.