Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Impossible garden--taming the wild lawn mower

I am terrified of lawn mowers. They are heavy noisy monsters that might not even start. Used to be my sons would mow the lawn, or my husband, or some available man. Men LIKE noise! Right?

Well, the sons grew up. The husband died, and so did the lawn mower. Substitute sons want to be paid a minimum of 3 hours work on a lawn that takes an hour!  The lawn mowing service wants $50 an hour--twice a month!

Well, a week before the wedding here, the grass was nearly waist high, and I had to do something.

So I bit the bullet and bought a lawn mower.

An electric lawn mower.

And still I was scared to touch it.

Thankfully. two guys with weed eaters tamed the lawn enough for a neighbor to mow it for the wedding--with his gas powered monster.

 But the grass kept growing! Only a week and half later, the part in the shade was several inches high already! Unless I wanted to shell out another $100 for the  weed eater guys or risk losing my grand daughter in the tall grass, I had to figure out the lawn mower.

I approached it carefully and pressed the lever. Nothing. OH! plug it in! In fact, plug it to the SAME cord that is plugged into the outdoor plug in.

This time it started. And did not run away from me! Waited tamely for me to push it across the lawn.

And I did! For any one else who has a fear of gas powered lawn mowers, I do recommend an electric one. The cord takes a little getting used to, but the machine is not as noisy as the gas powered and is lighter and easier to manage.

Slowly, the impossible garden is taking shape

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