Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Impossible Garden--deer devastation and first apples

The apples are beginning to ripen, but this is my entire bean harvest!
Remember the beautiful scarlet runner beans in the photo with the dragon? Well, they are no more. While I was enjoying the wind and water, the deer were enjoying my beans, and they enjoyed them all gone! Of eight feet of beans, Scarlet Runners and bush beans, this is all the deer missed.

The apples are beginning to ripen, though! And the friend who was house sitting for me left a gallon of fresh picked blackberries in the fridge for me. The black berries are now 7 jars of freezer jelly and a pie sized berry/apple crisp.

 Framing had to wait.


  1. Oh deer! We can relate! Our main garden on the ranch has deer fence all around it...can't keep raccoons out of the corn so we buy it from a friend. One year we had a gorgeous vine patch of pumpkins and the deer ate all of them. Every pumpkin was gone!

    Oh, but beautiful apples! I love them. We have several trees that are ready! I love your photograph!

    Where are you Suzanna? I am in South was 110 degrees yesterday...ready for fall!

  2. I am on an island near Seattle WA. It's been cooler here. tomatoes don't want to ripen. Wow 110! Is that usual for summer?

  3. Well, I guess the deer need to eat too. We have lots of deer in Florida, but I've never had them where I live. To me, they're such an unusual treat to see. I say I wouldn't mind if they ate from my garden, but I guess I probably would. One year the squirrels ate the green tomatoes right off the vine. They'd take two bites and throw the rest away. That was maddening. I put nuts out for them to distract them from the tomatoes, but it didn't work.

  4. I do like the deer, and wouldn't mind if they nibbled a bit here and there, but they ate ALL my bush beans, ALL my Scarlet Runner beans (except three beans), and ALL my little beet plants--pretty much the whole plant in places they left anything at all! I dream of having a spot with nibblties deer like better somewhere away from my garden.
    I didn't know squirrels would eat green tomatoes!