Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Emerging Dragon

Remember a long time ago I showed you the first steps of a watercolor painting of a dragon? I finally finished the painting.

It was inspired by a Qi Gong move, "Dragon Emerges from the Sea". The concept is that your energy in the form of your fists goes out from the dantienne, the caldron of energy in your belly. I love that symbolism! Asian dragons are wise as well as powerful.

As I drew the image, I thought, the dragon is me, or my work, emerging from the deep energy place inside me, from the depths of my soul, from our shared Soul, from that Holy Spirit within us.

Then the oil well explosion opened another kind of "dragon" emerging from the sea! This dragon is the destructive, polluting dragon of western mythology.

I wonder if my dragon would have looked better as a deep red, maybe an alizeran crimson. What do you think

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