Friday, August 13, 2010

raw silk vrs silk charmeuse final

Fancilful Flower on raw silk
Fanciful Flower on charmeuse
Fabric pens applied, silk steamed and ironed. The one on the left is on raw silk, the one below is on charmeuse. The raw silk, surprisingly, ironed out better; the charmeuse gets wrinkles steamed in that nothing will get out. I need to make a steamer that allows me to roll the silk for steaming, avoiding folds and wrinkles.

Which do you like better?

My conclusion: Good images can be done on raw silk, but they will look different, more "homey".  I plan to do more images on the raw silk. Some images may need to be done on silk charmouse--"cooked cocoons". Working on raw silk seems like working with nature; working on silk from cooked cocoons seems like exploiting nature--except that the cooked silk worms provide food for the growers!

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