Friday, August 6, 2010

Silk Noil vrs Silk Charmeuse experiment

What do do, What to do? Silk Noil or Silk Charmeuse? Raw silk or "cooked" silk?

Using silk produced by boiling the silk worms seems like exploiting nature, while using silk from cocoons left by emerging silk moths seems like working with nature. What would my work look like if I started using more raw silk, less of the other?

Time to experiment.
Using the same design on each so that I could really get a good comparison, first I applied the resist. I'm using Pebeo water-based gutta in tubes from Dharma Trading.

Hm. The Charmeuase puckers more and takes a lot more pins to get the puckers out. However, the resist isn't dry on the raw silk even after 24 hours.

How will it take the dye?

Better wait until the resist is dry before I find out.

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