Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Impossible Garden--Why bother?

One day last month,  I bought tall green chard, tender sweet pea pods, and broccoli like I have never been able to grow, from the local farmers at the Market. For about $3.00 I bought 3 or 4 times the scant handful of tough pea pods I was able to glean from the tangle of pea plants in my own garden. The chard I bought was three times as tall and full as the little leaves of my chard, which is embraced on every side by the pea plants.

I thought,  Dad always told me gardening was a waste of my time. Is he right? Or is it just that I am a novice and haven't yet learned the fundamentals of creating a healthy garden?

Today I compared photos of the garden a month or two ago with what is blooming now. I'm eating beautiful green kale, and the nasturtiums are so beautiful I decorated a wedding cake with them. I never did stake the scarlet runner beans properly, so their gorgeous red flowers are growing in a tangle all over each other.

Maybe my gardening style is a bit on the wylde side.


  1. I too started a bit of "growing own" a few years ago. I am still learning and am not a green finger that is for sure. Yours looks fine to me. Nice and lively. Glad you are enjoying some results. Happy Gardening! xm

  2. wow! and i love that awesome dragon standing guard :) i've been putting my nasturtiums on lots of things too. they're so beautiful. i think next year i'll branch out and do kale.

    so happy to have finally ventured over to your beautiful blog. i'm feeling so inspired and just can't stop reading! thank you for sharing everything

    best wishes!