Friday, September 10, 2010

Wise Woman on the Golden Pathway.

Sometimes I feel wise and powerful, with my dragon curled at my feel; my creativity in full bloom. Other times I feel confused, especially when I think about building a business with my creativity. The big questions, the business questions I can't answer are:

?Who am I serving? Who is my "clientele"? I haven't sold enough art to be able to  answer.
What SERVICE do I offer? What problem do I solve?  I want my art to be more than wall paper. I want it to inspire, to heal, to be a doorway to an inner joy.

Since I began the Sufi practice of Remembrance, I've had some wonderful abundances come my way. The temporary part time job I mentioned offered me twice what I asked for! I'm teaching in a Montessori School for young children, while the teacher gave birth to a beautiful baby girl--on the first day of school!  I was able to step in and take charge, allowing her to relax and know the school was in good hands.

That's definitely a service, It definitely solves a problem; but it isn't art. My art is hanging on the wall at the Vashon Community Care Center, where it may well be doing what I want it to do. People have certainly responded well to it; people I don't even know have said how much they enjoy it. Will it even bring in enough money to pay for framing, let alone the time it took to create and to hang?


  1. Your scarfs are beautiful works of art, silk is so touchable ... Have you thought about wholesale to small boutiques. There is this place in Nasville called The American Artisian, they produce, one of Nashville's largest art and craft fairs ... Do they have a place like this WA?

  2. There is an arts and crafts show called the best of the northwest. I haven't applied yet; maybe this spring.